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Thursday, February 26, 2009

INTOLERANT: Pure Filipino Metal Madness

Formed by the members of two genre-defining bands, Intolerant's music is a mixture of traditional thrash metal combined with borrowed elements from death, stoner metal, hardcore and even classic rock n' roll.

Featuring Skychurch vocalist/bassist Russell dela Cruz (who now plays guitar, and still screams), Skychurch guitarist Joey Dizon on lead guitar and former Loss of Control members Mic Gallegos and Pepo Gohu (on bass and drums respectively…), Intolerant is dead-set in the process of making heavy metal even more creative, and open-minded– without abandoning the traditional elements that have made it both timeless, and uncompromising. Though Intolerant's inception seems almost recent, the band appeals as a group that has both the know-how and the balls to deliver with each punch.

More about INTOLERANT on their Official Myspace Site

Reasons For Unrest
INTOLERANT's Debut Album Reasons for Unrest


LocateBlogger said...

Superb bro.I'm a metal lover and I like the videos you have posted.I'm following you.Feel free to post your comments at my shout box.All the best.

Liggy said...

Wow, Pinoy metal sure is awesome! I'm gonna have to visit their myspace site and add them to my metal music promo page...

By the way, I've just subscribed to your blog. I wanna keep up to date with what you've got to say! Rock on!!!