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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Slipknot's Psychosocial Nomated in this years Grammy's

Several months after the much awaited release of their newest album "All Hope is Gone", Slipknot will start their new year with a bang because their song "Psychosocial" of from that same album will is nominated for Best Metal Performance.

This goes to show that fans are embracing Slipknot music more as the band continue to mature with every Slipknot album they record.

Psychosocial (Full Version)

Dead Memories (newest single)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Greyhoundz: Rap Metal Extraodinaires


Band Members

* Reg Rubio - vocals
* TJ Brillantes - drums
* Audie Avenido - guitars
* Niño Avenido - bass
* Allen Cudal (deceased) - guitar


* 7 Corners of Your Game (1999)
* Greyhoundz (2001)
* Apoy (2006)
* Execution Style (2008)

Other Infos:

* Allan Cudal, Greyhoundz guitarist, died from a car accident May 6, 2004
* The band is a part of the wave composed of bands such as Cheese, Slapshock and Zooom during the late 90’s.
* Kaloi Cambaliza of the band Sultans Of Snap sometimes sessions for Greyhoundz

Band History

Greyhoundz was formed in ‘97 by the avenido cousins just wanting to join a local battle of the bands contest. The contest was canceled so they opted to audition at the now defunct club dredd.

They later recruited reg, who was from another band then that also played at club dredd.since then they’ve recorded 2 full length albums with sony music philippines and have played in clubs, underground gigs, special events and in almost all of the major cities in the philippines.

"Your Puppet and Clown"

"APOY" (Fire)

"Mr. Pig" (audio only)

"Shoot to Kill" (latest single)

Video of The Week: Chicosci "Paris"

VILLAINS: Wolfgang's NEW Album

After much anticipation, WOLFGANG will finally release their new album this month.

For those who might ask "Who the WOLFGANG?" well I'm gonna give you all some enlightenment who these guys are by showing some of their videos


Basti Artadi (vocals)
Mon Legaspi (bass)
Wolf Gemora (drums)
Manuel Legarda (guitars)

More info about Wolfgang on Wikipedia


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

SIN: The Philippines's premiere Metal Band

I've been a metal fan since my high school days and I totally support the local metal scene so I will be posting some of our local metal bands and the first band that I will feature is the band SIN

SIN (Cavite)

Charles Daza - vocals
Gilchrist Tan - guitars
Rommel Vasquez - guitars
Alvin Quinones - Bass
Macoy Manuel - Drums

SIN "Amorphisis"

SIN Official Myspace Page

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Women of Metal: Cristina Scabbia

Cristina Adriana Chiara Scabbia (born June 6, 1972 in Milan, Italy) is one of the two vocalists in the Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil. She also writes an advice column in the popular rock magazine Revolver, alongside musician Vinnie Paul. Scabbia has said that the biggest compliment that a fan could pay her would be to remark on her vocal abilities.Scabbia has a contralto vocal range. -- from

Some Trivia on Cristina Scabbia:

* Scabbia is the only female to receive a "Metal Icon" award at the annual Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards.[9]
* She is featured on the covers of Revolver magazine's first and second annual The Hottest Chicks In Metal issues. [10]
* Scabbia was also on the cover of Rolling Stone Italy's August 2006 issue.[11]
* Scabbia has been dating Slipknot/Stone Sour guitarist Jim Root since 2004, when they met during the Ozzfest tour taking place that year.

Cristina Scabbia information on

Cristina Scabbia
Cristina Scabbia
Cristina Scabbia
Cristina Scabbia