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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Video Pick of the Week: Edgewater "Eyes Wired Shut"

Comment:The band's best song and the video is also the best. Lou Ferrigno and Stan Lee is also on the Video.

Diecast - Another Boston-based Metalcore Favorite

Diecast is a five-piece metalcore band originating from Osage, Iowa.
Current Lineup
* Paul Stoddard – Vocals
* Jonathan Kita – Lead Guitar
* Kirk Kolaitis – Rhythm Guitar
* Dennis Pavia – Drums
* Brad horion - Bass

"Nothing I Could Say"

"Fade Away"

"These Days"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sonic Syndicate: My Newest Favorite Melodic Death/Metalcore band

Sonic Syndicate is a melodic death metal/metalcore band from Falkenberg, Sweden. The band was formed in 2002 under the name "Fallen Angels." In 2005, they would change their name to Sonic Syndicate. They are highly influenced by Swedish melodic death metal bands such as In Flames and Soilwork.





Thursday, October 9, 2008

Top 10 Most Influential Metal Singers of All Time IMO

10. Rob Zombie and Al Jourgensen of Ministry - This two has introduced industrial metal into the maintream metal music.

9. Philip Anselmo - Although Dimebag Darrel was the signature icon of Pantera but Phil Anselmo's vocal was the who influenced most of the nu metal and metalcore singers today.

8. Glen Benton - death metal's resident satanist looms his influence on the death metal scene

7. Conrad Lant & Quorthon - Black Metal pioneers

6. Chuck Billy & Tom Araya - Thrash metal gods Testament and Slayer won't be the same without these two.

5. Ronnie James Dio - He replace Ozzy as the lead singer of Black Sabbath and he also gain success with his own band Dio.

4. Lemmy Kilmister - Lemmy's infectious raspy voice and lyrics was one of most influential thing in metal music history.

3. Bruce Dickinson - Bruce's unique vocal talent has also influence the Power Metal and Thrash metal scences

2. Rob Halford - The Greatest Metal Screamer of all time was the main influence of the Power Metal scene

1. Ozzy Osbourne - The godfather of Heavy metal, Ozzy and the rest of Black Sabbath started it all.

AFTeRSHOCK: Metalcore Legends

Aftershock is a Western Metalcore band based out of Boston, Massachusetts. The band was formed in 1992 and broke up sometime in 1999. They re-formed for a reunion tour in 2001 in Japan. The band also consisted of past and present members of Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall.

Last Lineup:

Tobias Dutkiewicz - vocals
Adam Dutkiewicz - Guitar/vocals,drums for a period
Joel Stroetzel - Guitar
Neil Gadbois - Bass
Tom Gomes - drums

AFTeRSHOCK-For Those Of You Who Kill(PV)