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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grand Design - Def Leppard clone and I Love It

I discovered this band from Sweden called Grand Design when I was listening to the Metal-cast podcast episode paying tribute to the late-great Peter Steele (may he rest in peace). Initially I thought Def Leppard was playing to found out it was another band. Searching the internet for other songs online and I found the band's Myspace site. As advertised they music is influenced by Def Leppard and they want to bring back the "80's heavy metal" in today's generation.

The band is composed of

Pelle Saether - Vocals
Peter Ledin - Guitars
Dennis Vestman - Guitar
Anders Modd - Bass
Richard Holmgren - Drums

For more information about the band you can read this article

Here's a sample. One of their songs from the album Time Elevation titled "No Time For Love"