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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Softer side of Annihilator

We all know that Jeff Waters and the rest of Annihilator are one of the best thrash metal bands from Canada yet here's a video of a rock ballad entitled ONLY BE LONELY in which Jeff Waters also sings. The song was so great that I had to post it here.


We've been apart a long time, it feels like years
the memories bring tears
good times, I think of all the good times
to keep my sanity 'til I get home

(And) I know it's not how we planned it, it's crazy world out there
just hold on to the world we share

I'll only be lonely for you
I'll only be lonely for you

Just remember as life goes by, what we have will never die
I'll always be waiting there for you
how long, it doesn't matter how long
cause time can never take you from my soul - no
(Refrain and Chorus)

good friends are hard to find - believe me it's true
I'll only be lonely for you.
(Refrain and Chorus)