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Friday, January 2, 2009

Valley Of Chrome: Filipino Metalcore

a short biography
Though purists would dismiss this band's trademark sound as blasphemous and unfaithful to traditional music styles, Open minded individuals are in for a musical collage that would drive metal kids to mosh and sing along, hardcore kids to play air guitar, and convince emo kids to end whimpering and feel ten times bigger than they really are. Whether you like them or not, this band has become a force to be reckoned within the local music scene and whether the musical climate favors them or not, Valley of Chrome is here to stay.

Starting out with the desire to rock out in a hardcore band, They have endured both praises and criticisms for doing things their way, Not to mention some line up changes and their fair share of bad times, This only paved the way for them to change for the better and re discover old and appreciate new musical styles citing bands like In Flames, Atreyu, Shadows Fall, Iron Maiden, Killswitch Engage, old Metallica and Guns n' Roses as major influences on the band's dynamic guitar driven sound.

Currently the band is playing various gigs in and out of the metro usually along contemporaries. And the response from people have been very overwhelming, Inspiring the band to play every gig as if it's the first and last time they're ever going to play.

So far the band has released 3 EP's Beyond definition (2001), Transparent (2002) and Anthems for the sellout youth (2003) And their full length albums Love & Devotion (2004) and Never The Lifeless (2007) showcases Valley of Chrome in their best element showing the importance of heaviness and brutality, yet never compromising melody and musicianship...

The band:
rogel "axl prose":vocals, lyrics;
jethro "sir jet":guitars;
tatel "kuya tatel":guitars;
goodtime jordy "dj bassick":bass;
voltaire "voltaire productions":drums


cannedguds said...

I've heard of Valley of Chrome from my co-employee and it kicked me right in the eyes! they were awesome and I really liked the riffs! They are so diverse and they show musical ingenuity like Death by Stereo (by the way, do you have something about Death by Stereo guys?) Thanks!