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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Greyhoundz: Rap Metal Extraodinaires


Band Members

* Reg Rubio - vocals
* TJ Brillantes - drums
* Audie Avenido - guitars
* Niño Avenido - bass
* Allen Cudal (deceased) - guitar


* 7 Corners of Your Game (1999)
* Greyhoundz (2001)
* Apoy (2006)
* Execution Style (2008)

Other Infos:

* Allan Cudal, Greyhoundz guitarist, died from a car accident May 6, 2004
* The band is a part of the wave composed of bands such as Cheese, Slapshock and Zooom during the late 90’s.
* Kaloi Cambaliza of the band Sultans Of Snap sometimes sessions for Greyhoundz

Band History

Greyhoundz was formed in ‘97 by the avenido cousins just wanting to join a local battle of the bands contest. The contest was canceled so they opted to audition at the now defunct club dredd.

They later recruited reg, who was from another band then that also played at club dredd.since then they’ve recorded 2 full length albums with sony music philippines and have played in clubs, underground gigs, special events and in almost all of the major cities in the philippines.

"Your Puppet and Clown"

"APOY" (Fire)

"Mr. Pig" (audio only)

"Shoot to Kill" (latest single)